EC2 Images

I maintain a number of unofficial Alfresco AMIs suitable for evaluation or demo usage. They are not recommended for production use, but you may find the quick-start scripts used to create them useful.
All images are based on the latest-available Ubuntu AMIs from Canonical at the time of creation.
All images have Alfresco Explorer and Share available and the SharePoint Protocol module installed, where available. Records Management is installed for the 3.x AMIs but not for the 4.x versions.

Version Arch Region Type AMI
Community 4.2.b * i386 eu-west EBS boot ami-9fb8bbeb Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 4.0.d * i386 eu-west EBS boot ami-17211863 Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 4.0.c * i386 eu-west EBS boot ami-f77f4183 Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 4.0.b * i386 eu-west instance-store ami-97112ce3 Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 4.0.a * i386 eu-west instance-store ami-8996a4fd Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 3.4.d i386 eu-west instance-store ami-ff2c1b8b Launch in AWS Management Console
Community 3.4.c i386 eu-west instance-store ami-3f7c484b Launch in AWS Management Console

* Excludes DOD 5015.2 Records Management module
You can quickly launch the images by clicking the button next to the AMI ID – this will redirect you to the AWS Management Console for EC2.
To access Alfresco on the new instance, click the running instance in the Instances section of the Console, then copy the public DNS name – from the instance’s Description tab – into your browser address bar and you will be automatically redirected to Alfresco Share.

11 thoughts on “EC2 Images

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  4. Hi WIll,
    I have the AMI up and running in AWS, but do not seem to be able to connect to the instance – I am just getting a connection refused error.
    Is there another step I am missing to getting Alfresco running using this AMI?

    • It could be that you have not enabled port 80 (HTTP) inbound in the security profile you selected to run the image under.

  5. Did you manage to solve the “Error creating dynamic link” errors in AWS?, I’m seeing the same with alfresco-community-4.0.e-installer-linux-x64.bin in SLES11 AMI

    • The AMI images discussed on this page do not utilize the Linux installer. If you have issues with that, please use the appropriate forum on

    • The Activiti engine is embedded in the repository, but the embedded version does not support all the features of the standalone engine, and it cannot be upgraded.
      If you are after Activiti specifically, you would be better putting together your own image.

    • It’s likely that the repository is failing to start up. You need to check the file /var/log/alfresco/alfresco.log (or the Tomcat logs) to locate the problem. This is not an appropriate place to troubleshoot your issue, but you could try posting on the Alfresco Forums, with those log files, if you are stuck.

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