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These are my own unofficial Alfresco Tomcat Bundles, following the decision to stop shipping these with official releases from version 3.4. They are intended for any situation where it’s useful to quickly start up a Tomcat-based instance containing the repository and Share applications, such as demos or basic testing. They are not recommended for production use!
All the bundles provide Alfresco, Tomcat and MySQL in a single package. You will need your own supported JDK and OpenOffice installed. For the Linux packages you will also need to install the latest versions of swftools and ImageMagick (the Windows bundles provide these).

Latest Release – Community 4.2.b

Please bear in mind that this is NOT an official Alfresco release format, but you’re welcome to use it if it is useful for you. If you have feedback, please post a comment below.
Older Releases


Extract the package into a new directory on your system. Ensure your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the location of a supported JDK.
Full instructions on using the package can be found in the file in the installation directory, or you can find these on the make-tomcat-bundles project on GitHub

From 3.4.c you can wipe the repository clean (make sure you have stopped the server first, though) by simply deleting the alf_data directory. The directory will be automatically recreated when you next start up the server.

Sample Data

If you are using the installations for demonstrations, you can use the Share Import-Export scripts to load sample sites and users into the repository, based on the fictitious Green Energy company.


The 4.0 bundles provide an instance of MySQL Server 5.5, later versions of which (on Linux) now require, which provides asynchronous I/O. If you get errors such as

error while loading shared libraries:

when first running Alfresco, or the Alfresco logs report that the database cannot be found, then it is likely you do not have libaio installed. On Ubuntu you can install it by typing sudo apt-get install libaio1 at a prompt, or on other systems use your regular package manager to do the same.

Older Releases

Community 4.2.a: Windows .zip (190 MB, md5sum a48406875ad709b2b935ba2c8b9493f1) | Linux .tar.gz (200 MB, md5sum 8cc997ae6a13d89f47acc79024a97c26) | Mac OS X .tar.gz (187 MB, md5sum f5b858ab377bbb992149d35bbcc7ff37)
Community 4.0.b: Windows .zip (177 MB, md5sum bb6fc4265bff49c64d1e7e52638cf268) | Linux .tar.gz (187 MB, md5sum 9e9725da9be424f387ccf3ef44c8040b)
Community 4.0.a: Windows .zip (177 MB, md5sum e80f2f31f1e0c3a056a086a23cfc6641) | Linux .tar.gz (187 MB, md5sum 89b0adbba02857296874c71c89c6fd12)
Community 3.4.e: Windows .zip (130 MB) | Linux .tar.gz (136 MB)
Community 3.4.d: Windows .zip (130 MB) | Linux .tar.gz (136 MB)
Community 3.4.c: Windows .zip (130 MB) | Linux .tar.gz (136 MB)
Community 3.4.b: Windows .zip (157 MB) | Linux .tar.gz (148 MB)
Community 3.4.a: Windows .zip (161 MB)

More Information

You can download the bash scripts used to create the bundle packages from the build-tomcat-bundles project on GitHub. Or fork it if you want to improve the code!

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  3. Community 4.2.a an 4.2.b packages have been added, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. These newest packages use Tomcat 7.0.32 and MySQL 5.5.28. I’ve also updated the information on the make-tomcat-bundle project, which can now be found on GitHub, so it should be clearer how to build your own if you need to.

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