I am the founder and lead of the Share Extras project, which provides a wide range of add-ons for use with Alfresco Share.

Site Tags Dashlet

The Site Tags Dashlet is now part of Share Extras. The add-on page on Share Extras contains the most recent information on the dashlet. Please consult that for documentation and downloads, rather than the links below. These are preserved for archive purposes only.

Site Tags Dashlet

Site Tags Dashlet

This site dashlet for Alfresco Share provides a classic ‘tag cloud’ visualisation for all tags defined within a site.
Originally written to provide an example of how to extend the out-of-the-box set of dashlets for the Alfresco Meetups in October/November 2009, the dashlet uses client-side JavaScript to load a list of tags from the existing repository tagging API. A filter allows the user to select the tag scope used by choosing between all tags or only tags within a specific site component – such as the Document Library or Wiki.

How to Install

From Alfresco 3.3 onwards, the dashlet can be installed by dropping the JAR file into your shared libraries file – usually ‘tomcat/shared/lib’ in the Alfresco Tomcat bundles.
In older versions of Alfresco, a ZIP file is provided which can be extracted directly into the ‘tomcat’ folder.
Once you’ve deployed the package in this way you will need to restart Tomcat (or at a minimum the Share webapp) to ensure the new scripts get picked up.


Latest release – Site Tags dashlet v0.2 for Alfresco Share 3.3 – 23-Feb-10

Older releases

Site Tags Dashlet v0.1.1 – for Alfresco Community 3.2r/3.2r2 and Alfresco Enterprise 3.2.x
Site Tags Dashlet v0.1.1 for Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 (not all features available)


  • Will Abson
  • Mike Hatfield