Sometimes I wish I could just blog the contents of my head as it is at a particular moment in time, no matter how little sense it would make to anyone else.

Right now is one of those moments.

I’m currently listening to One By One by the Foo Fighters, after sitting in the Union for a few hours listening to mostly Foo Fighters and Nirvana on Q, while playing pool and chatting about random stuff (earlier on I downloaded Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin, so I think my musical taste score this evening just about totals zero).

This afternoon I got my full results from this year. My highest mark was 72% for my group project. I did better in some than I thought, worse in others than I would have liked. I failed one module. I got over 60% for the year, which is an improvement on the previous year’s effort, giving me almost exactly 62% for the whole course. I graduate on Wednesday and I’m so glad it’s all over, but in the best possible way.

I’ve just spent £15 having nearly 60 photos covering the last few weeks of last term (Ofoto rocks! They give you a web form and you upload your photos using a browser!). It took me quite a while going through the hundreds of photos I must have taken during that time to pick out the best ones, mainly because I kept stopping to reminisce.

I’m going to bed now to read another chapter of The Chamber of Secrets (I’m playing catch-up, I know). Then I’m going to get up early tomorrow. It’s going to be a good day, I just know it.