Cats, Pimms, Naked Pensioners and the Hogwarts Express

…Are a few of the words that sum up the last few days in London. Or more specifically yesterday, after I finally managed to start properly enjoying myself and stop being so tired, disorientated and moody.

Mary helped me do some lunchtime shopping in Selfridges and H&M, before we left for Michael’s barbeque in Surrey. We sat in Vicoria station and saw Kiara. We spent an hour sat in the sun at the end of Platform 3 of East Croydon station, while we waited for Laurie to arrive. We turned up at the barbeque a bit late in the end and left a bit late too. I left at half past five this morning to come back up to Cov for work and as far as I know the others are still there.

Why do things like that only seem to happen in London?

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