Running is a lot like blogging. It’s really difficult to start up again once you begin to neglect it, but once you’re in the swing of doing it regularly it’s quite good. They’re also both good for thinking about stuff and generally clearing your mind. This means I should do more of both. Especially the running.

I did another 4-5 miles (I think) this evening on my new route out across the sports pitches and fields towards Kenilworth, up the old railway and then back past the Westwood church and Varsity. I need to measure it properly sometime, but I really can’t be bothered pissing about with my map and bits of cotton.

Running Route 2 - Small.png

I managed it in 47 minutes, but I had to keep stopping to dodge huge big clumps of nettles and to give a woman directions to the Ramphal building. Which means I should be able to get it down to 45 minutes next time! I just have to try not to leave it 13 days before the next time…

3 thoughts on “Running

  1. That would be really useful, if only it had information on footpaths on it. So back to the OS map I guess, but thanks anyway 🙂

  2. I just want to say… I think your site is great! Always a good read 🙂

    (But I ain’t too keen on the jogging idea)

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