The Village

Continuing the frequent cinema-age that’s been going on recently, tonight we went to see The Village at the Skydome. The film seemed promising at first, with a few really good tension-filled scenes, but didn’t really seem to go anywhere after that. It may have been the irritation factor of the fifteen-year-old kid at the back of the cinema who wouldn’t shut up for more than ten minutes, but the film really just seemed to lose something after a while.

Although the cinematography was great, I thought they could have done a little more to make the ‘creatures’ appear slightly scarier and less reminscent of something out of Jeepers Creepers. It was also a shame that despite all the things going on throughout the film, it just didn’t really seem to go anywhere in the end.

It was worth seeing, if only to enlarge my list of scary-films-that-I’ve-seen, but didn’t quite live up to The Stepford Wives and 13 Going On 30 that we saw earlier this week. It also got me back out of bed again (having grabbed a couple of hours of sleep after getting home from work, in an attempt to make my acidic hangover go away. Note to self – bear in mind current lower-than-usual alcohol tolerance levels when drinking next time).

I spent the rest of tonight reading all the news sites and blogs I’ve been too busy to read recently. The Guardian have a Second Sight article looking at the disruptive effects of new media (i.e. blogs) on the mainstream media industry, which tied in nicely with some of the blog-related stuff I’ve been looking into recently. I also found a couple of articles on the continuing advance of open access publishing, which looks set to open up more and more research papers etc. to the masses. A good thing, I think.

In other news, Service Pack 2 has finally been realeased on the Windows Update site for XP, but sadly doesn’t fix all the security holes that are in XP. No surprises there, then.

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  1. But if the scary creatures were a bit more scary (ooh, bad sounding english there!) then the twist may have seemed slightly less possible (ok, have given up on trying to write properly!!).

    To be honest, I found them rather amusing!

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