Every weekend should be like this

Well we made it Snowdon. Up all of 1085 metres and back down again, in under five hours. The weather let us down majorly on Saturday meaning that we couldn’t see a thing when we got to the summit, but at least we still have the sense of acheivement from it.

We went out for dinner and drinks in Bangor afterwards (much to the confusion of the owner of the hostel in which we were staying). The food in the Fat Cat was as good as I ever remember it. We stood and watched (at least the last 20 minutes) of the football in the yellow pub with the others. Me and Stace stayed neutal while Paul and Bryan cheered at England’s and Austria’s goals, respectively. I hadn’t been out in Bangor for a while – it was good.

This morning we went to pick Paul’s car up from where we’d left it in Bangor, going via Swallow Falls and Llanfairpwll in perfect weather, before setting off back. It was far too short a weekend, but hopefully there’ll be another time (with better weather, perhaps).

Here’s a photo of us looking like catalogue models in front of Swallow Falls earlier today. The rest of the photos are here.