Going Underground

Going Underground by The Jam is such a great song, and one that I’ve been hearing quite a bit recently. Having been rather ambilvalent towards classic rock bands like The Jam and The Clash in the past, I think I’ve found a new area of music for me to explore.

Cath helped me move most of my stuff into Dave’s today. I’m not sure if I should be feeling sad about leaving campus, but if anything I’m feeling quite good about it. I guess that as I already did the whole leaving thing at the end of last term, this doesn’t seem anything like as much of an upheaval. And in all honesty, I’m pretty glad that I’m leaving Cryfield. I’ve been feeling really claustrophobic here recently and it’s been getting me down a bit.

Now, I have the rest of the day off work, and it’s lovely and hot and sunny outside. I was going to do some work on my computer (one of the few things left in my room) but I think I’ll just go bum around outside instead.

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