Keep to the right, please

I’ve said this before, but I like wandering around cities on my own. You tend to notice a lot more about the places, like how people in Birmingham have no concept of keeping to the right on escalators (quite annoying when you’re trying to get somewhere!).

So I managed to take the shoes I bought last weekend back to Selfridges, after the sole started to come away from the bottom of the shoe after only two days of me wearing them. They gave me a brand new pair, so now they’re officially Nice People™ again šŸ™‚

The train fare there and back cost me £2.70, and it the whole day wouldn’t have cost me any more than that, had I not been tempted by things in some of the other shops in that evil capitalist Bullring thingamy. I should go to Brum more, especially now I live within walking distance of a train station. As long as I don’t want to walk up any escalators, it’ll be fine šŸ™‚