Settling in

I still haven’t put up the photos from the hat party, neither have I blogged about anything else in a while. I’m a very bad person.

This weekend has been spent shopping and socialising with lovely people, seeing family and getting a bit more settled in my house. This is how weekends should be.

So right now, I’m sat here in my room talking to people on Messenger while simultaneously blogging and listening to Heart FM on my newly set up stereo on top of the cheast of drawers. Chorizo the cow and Dave the cat are sat on the right-hand speaker. My clothes rail now stands on the right of the chest of drawers, with my funky red hat and fluffy fairy lights draped over it. The place is starting to feel like home.

6 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I named the Spanish cow after *your* Spanish sausage! It was the one you bought on New Years Eve from the shop down the road from Mary’s, and it seemed quite apt at the time I was (still) trying to think up a name.

    It made sense at the time, honest 🙂

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