Remembering how things used to be

Not having done it for a while, and in need of something to do online to waste some time before Top B (maybe), I took a look on the Wayback Machine to remind me what used to look like.

I remembered a few things. Firstly, I used to have new photos come up automatically at the top of my blog. I got rid of this last year to give more priority to the blog entries themselves, and I lost the photos completely off the front page when I moved over to MT a few months back. I need to put this back and stop this blog looking like a generic MT blog.

Secondly, I realised how much content I’d managed to lose when I moved over to MT. All of the old blog entries and all of the photos from the old system aren’t on the new blog at all, and I really need to get it all back up there. I’m FTP’ing all the old photos onto my computer from the old server at the moment, which is at least a start.

Now I’m going to go to Top B, and think about how I’m going to make all this work. There’s no rush, after all šŸ™‚