Slowly sinking in

As has already been documented elsewhere, the unthinkable happened last night and the U.S. has Bush and his cronies in charge for another four long years. I’m still as speechless as I was this morning at work when I checked BBC News for the first time and this evening when I turned on the TV to hear Kerry’s conecession speech.

I had lunch with a couple of guys from work, as well as an American and a Spaniad who were visiting from the company supplying our wireless management software. None of us could really believe that it was happening. As inevitable as it was under the circumstances, it was still a shock, and I doubt the full impact of what’s happened will be clear for a long time yet.

It feels like a jail sentence, which has just been bestowed upon the world, and it’s so difficult to see past the enormity what has happened and imagine what effect this will have. Let’s just hope the Democrats can do a bit better next time, if there’s anything left of America for them to play for in four years’ time.