Last day at work

I feel like Christmas has come two weeks early. This week I’ve consumed three Christmas dinners and copious amounts of alcohol, as well as attending numerous social gathertings with Nice People.

Today was my last day at work before the New Year, and the day of the ITS Christmas meal and subsequent sitting around drinking and chatting in Radcliffe house for the rest of the afternoon. A bunch of us went back to Bee’s hotel room in Cov afterwards to drink Tesco Bollinger out of Woolworths plastic champagne flutes (nicer that it sounds!), before heading into town for pizza and cocktails.

Not a good night calorie-wise all in all, but I figure I get to eat and drink what I want on my last day at work for a couple of weeks, on the day I was told that (subject to references etc.) I got the Tier 2 support job I applied for within ITS. Yay, job security!

Tomorrow I’m off to London for the traditional trip down there before I head back to Wales for Christmas. Quite why I do this every year on the last shopping weekend, I don’t know. Perhaps I’m mad.