One Christmas I’ll never forget

OK, so a lot of people have had one hell of a worse Christmas than me, but still…

The last week or so has been pretty draining for me and that, combined with lack of broadband access has meant I haven’t been particularly active in the blogging world of late.

My mum was admitted into hospital on Christmas morning, having suffered a stroke. It’s by no means as bad as it could be, but she’s still in hospital at the moment and is likely to be for a few more weeks. We’re hopeful that she’ll be well enough to come home after that, but there’s not much any of us can really do except wait to see how much of a recovery she’s able to make.

I’ve been visiting her every day, and I’ve stayed up here over New Year so I can keep on doing that. It’s left me with little or no plans for tonight, but I’m sure I can cope with one New Year without attending any mediocre house parties or being dragged round a bunch of overly-expensive pubs.

I’m missing quite a few people, but hopefully I can do something about that next week. My current plan is to drive down to Leam on Monday for work the next day and then come back up here at the weekend to see how things are going. I feel like a bit of a c**t for buggering of halfway across the country in three days’ time, but talking to Mary last night helped convince myself that I am doing the right thing.

This will probably be the last entry I make before I get back to Civilisation. It’s just one that I wanted to make in the meantime.

Listening to: Q Radio, via Freeview
Eating: Easter eggs
Grateful to: The handful of people who’ve helped me through the last week. You know who you are.

5 thoughts on “One Christmas I’ll never forget

  1. Will,
    I am really sorry to hear about your Mum.
    I hope she recovers quickly.
    Look after yourself, and let us know if you need anything.
    Thinking of you
    Cath xxx

  2. Wow, kiddo. Shit. Hugs.

    Missing you. You take care of yourself, okay? I’ll give you a call in the new year.



  3. Hey Will.

    Only just come across your entry. I hope your Mum is better. Huge big Stu hugs are being sent via the marvel that is webspace. Take care of yourself and hope everything gets sorted.

    Stu xXx

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