Another Weekend

Another weekend up in Wales, another three-and-a-half hour drive back down to Leam again for work tomorrow. Things still seem to be improving with my mum, though it’s all slow progress, still.

They did some more tests today while I was visiting. It seems her short-term memory still isn’t what it could be, but now they’ve established this they can start doing some activities that should stimulate that area of the brain. The consultant wants her to to do more physiotherapy on a daily basis as well, but as there’s only one physiotherapist based at the hospital, that might prove difficult apparently. I guess all I can do is see how things progress this week, so not much change there 🙂

Other than my frequent visits to the hospital, I’ve done very little over the weekend, although this morning I did manage to clean all the mud off the car that (a) flew onto it off a tractor, and (b) got spattered over the side of it when I had to veer out of the way of oncoming traffic that was going too fast on some stupidly narrow country lanes. Don’tcha just love the countryside? And sentences that go on for almost an entire paragraph? And sentences that start with the word ‘and’? OK, I’ll stop now.