Pretty things

So the rumours were true. If it wasn’t for the substantial (and growing) overdraft I have at the moment, I’d be tempted to buy something from the new range. Something. Anything. It’s all damned nice!

My new phone is also very pretty, however. It’s a shiny new Nokia 6320, only two days old and weighing in at a mere 97g (apparently). It cost me less (at least up-front) than Apple’s pretty things, so it’s all good. And most importantly, it comes with 400 free minutes a month for calling people with, in line with my big plan for keeping in touch with people more.

Unfortunately (for reasons I’ll explain shortly) the phone also comes with a new number. And while otherwise doing quite well in my plan so far IMHO, I still haven’t managed to text everyone in my phonebook to tell them this. I’m not even sure I will. It just seems like such a contrived thing to do and besides, I’m keeping the old pay as you go SIM card to use occasionally for texts. But I probably should all the same, shouldn’t I?

What I’ll say for now is that if you take my old number, type it into a calculator, add 236450906 and stick the leading zero back on to the result then you get the new one. Sound simple?

Anyway, all of my proper friends should be avid readers of this blog, so now you should all have it 🙂