Yay complacency

As of this morning Planet Afterlife has yet another new location, and one that should be available while my PC is turned off :-). And a few minor display bugs aside, I’ve discovered the page appears to work fine in IE, which is always a bonus.

On a related note, I got my first Firefox-targetted popup window this morning. Scarily realistic too, it almost had me clicking on it for a second. It’s scary how quickly you get complacent about Internet security when the software you use on a day-to-day basis shields you from the majority of Internet nastiness.

I also extended my domain name registration for wabson.org and wabson.me.uk, which expire today. Perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea to ignore the reminder emails that Easily kept sending me… Anyway if wabson.org breaks for a few hours over the next 24 hours then you’ll know why. Or perhaps you won’t if you can’t read this. Never mind.

More blogging later hopefully, after I’ve finished my three hour training session this afternoon on our new call logging software. Eugh.