Five Day Record

I haven’t touched a web browser for five whole days. This is quite a feat, and one I’m sure I can’t have acheived for a good few years. How scary.

As a result, it’s been so long since I read Planet Afterlife that the new entries go off the screen. I wonder if I can set up archiving on it… Would that be good or quite a scary thing to have, I wonder?

I went for another run this evening after work. Despite being slightly dark by 6pm, I managed half an hour or so down to Newbold Comyn and back up the edge of the golf course towards Lillington. There’s a climb of about 40m from the Leisure Centre up to the radio transmitters at the top of the route and then back down a bit, so it’s a good up-and-down run. Probably not quite as pretty as running to Offchurch (especially not in the dark), but I can save that for another day :-).

Soon it’ll even be light enough in the evenings to be able to see where I’m running to. Roll on Spring!