Roots Social Building

Someone’s stolen the ‘e’ from the word Rootes on the side of the Rootes Social building, overlooking the piazza. Was it a student prank? Perhaps a cheap elections publicity stunt? Or maybe it just fell on someone’s head?

Either way, the Boar should be covering this – it’s clearly far more important than a load of bitching about the VC 🙂

4 thoughts on “Roots Social Building

  1. Our house in the third year had the “R” and the “s” from “Rootes Social Building” in the windows on either side of our front door. Moz claimed “a friend from hospitality” stole them; having now worked there, I can well believe the fact it was a organised crime.


  2. Wasn’t it Rootes Restaurant you had the letters from?

    A couple of the guys in our department nicked the ‘Vice Chancellor’s Office’ sign from Sentate House when the builders were renovating it last term. It’s nice to see that no matter how old you get, the act of pilfering signs remains highly amusing. Not quite as amusing as sitting on top of them and getting your friends to take photos, but I think it’s best if we ignore that one, eh 🙂

  3. The chair in my office is from senate house. We also have a lot of signs for the VC and ‘academic registrar’ and ‘director of communication’.

  4. I think that Union North must have the highest ration of stolen chairs per unit area on the whole of campus. Apparently, most of the chairs in the office of a certain media society which shall remain nameless have been stolen from the department for who I now work.

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