Long time no blog. Meh.

I did ten kilometres in the gym in total yesterday. Five kilometres of cycling, three of rowing and another two on the treadmill. I’d have done more on the treadmill if there’d been some free earlier on, before I tired myself out doing other things. I don’t hurt too much today though, which has got to be good. Maybe I’ll have a delayed reaction tomorrow or something.

Also, Planet Afterlife has been changed around so that it only requires a single cron job running on my work PC. The new cron job runs a script to build the HTML and RSS files and FTP them up to my UNIX web space on mimosa. This means that Planet Afterlife will still work if my PC’s IP address changes, as the process is no longer dependent on mimosa being able to wget the files off it.

Warwick people may be interested in a story about blog censorship, via Blogging Pro. But as it’s related to work it’s probably best that I don’t say why…