Not a good day

The courier with my replacement phone was supposed to turn up sometime between one o’clock and five o’ clock today. Naturally, he turned up at one minute past one and went away again when I wasn’t here.

So I phoned up Orange when I got in fifteen minutes later, only to be told that they can’t contact the courier and neither can they arrange for a new delivery date until the courier notifies them that the delivery failed at the end of his shift at around five o’ clock. Bastards.

To help calm myself down slightly, I went over to the Union to have a game of pool with Pat. Only to discover that (a) most of the tables weren’t working, (b) the few that were have been modified so as to require 70p (up by a whole ten pence!) and (c) the one we used in the end wouldn’t give us the last red ball, so we had to play without it.

/me wonders what else can go wrong today…