Get well soon, Kylie

I was going to blog about the fact that I had to stand outside Costcutter for ten minutes this morning, or about my runner number for the Two Castles run coming through in the post yesterday, but suddenly those two topics seem a little inconsequential.

Apparently this has been on the radio quite a lot this morning, but I think I got into work too early to hear it. Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having to cut short the Showgirl tour as a result.

It’s hard to believe that someone we watched perform as she did for two hours the other week is going through this so soon afterwards. It’s stange, but I feel some kind of connection with all of this, in a way I didn’t even get when the Pope died last month. That just felt foreign and remote, something I couldn’t connect with. This just seems so real. And shocking.

Is this what live music does for you? Either way, here’s hoping she’s better soon.