Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Sometimes I really hate shift working, but sometimes I really like it. Today, it is a good thing. Today has been a great Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong – the government haven’t suddenly swapped Thursday and Sunday over in some kind of attempt to improve the NHS figures or something (ooh, how political), but I have been off work both yesterday and today so it’s almost like the weekend for me.

So today has mostly been spent recovering from yesterday’s gym-based activities, which has been much easier to deal with than my usual alcohol-induced Sunday hangovers. There has been much drinking of water, catching up on sleep and watching of the wonder that is the O.C, but less pain and slightly less bruising. Is the whole Sunday thing making more sense now?

And of course one of the benefits of it not actually being a Sunday in the Real World(TM) is that you can still have bouts of productiveness in between all the laziness. So I’ve phoned up the glazing people to remind me when they’re coming to repair the front door of my mother’s house, phoned the lady next door to make sure she’ll be able to let them in, and even taken the car to Warwick and back for a service.

I have a strange feeling I’ll remember today, but just as one of those days you remember for no particular reason, other than as a reminder that life can occasionally be good. Other people I’ve talked to today may remember it for different reasons either good or bad, and some would probably rather forget it ever happened at all. But for me it’s been good.

Tomorrow may not be so good, as I’m about to do one of the worst things you can do on a Sunday (at least when you don’t have the benefit of being off work the next day), namely Sunday clubbing. But I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

Listening to: Moby – 18 – quite loudly and with all the windows open.
Appreciating: Having my car cleaned for free. Yay!
Blatantly stealing this style from: M, via Laurie.

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