So she didn’t bring along the Pet Shop Boys, Robbie or (thank God) Jason, but Kylie rocked on Sunday night. I’m still wearing the sweatband I bought on the night I’m still playing Kylie albums in the car whenever I go anywhere.

My love of Kylie has been hugely magnified.

Jamie, Mary and Jenny before the show starts

Looking down towards the stage during the performance

Leaving Earls Court after the concert

Monday was spent wandering up the A312 on our riverside walk from Chelsea to Embankment, eating muffins and generally hanging around central London. The camera died halfway through the day, cutting my photographic activities short, but wandering around the city was fun and the company good.

Iraq protest at Westminster

Looking up to Big Ben

3 thoughts on “Showgirl

  1. Despite saying I’d probably never wear mine, am also wearing my sweat band today – we’re so cool 😉 Also what on earth am I doing with my arms in that photo?


  2. You look kinda like you’re taking a photo or something, but I don’t remember you having a camera.

    Kylie sweatbands are where it’s at. Even if mine isn’t looking quite as new as it did on Sunday… 🙁


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