Holiday photos

Slowly things are returning to normal as I get used to being back at work again after Gran Canaria. Not that it matters that much though, given I only have two weeks left before inter-railing in August.

View of Puerto Rico beach from the apartment

I haven’t really blogged much at all about the holiday at all, largely because I’ve been unable to put the whole experience into words very well. In summary it was a great week in the sun with all the normal holiday antics you might expect, but it’s taken a while to get used to normal life again.

I took a few photos, albeit not as many as some people managed. I’ve finally managed to put the half decent ones I took up on the web today, but they’re only on my work PC for now for bandwidth reasons. I’ll post them on when I get a chance, but don’t expect the full resolution versions on there.

Blogging from now until the end of the month is likely to be about as infrequent as it has over the last week – blame this on the fact that I don’t have net access at home at the moment and I’m gradually trying to ween myself off the Internet as access through August is likely to be somewhat sporadic at best.

Looking forward to: Big Gay Out next weekend

2 thoughts on “Holiday photos

  1. Nice photos! Did Jamie get sunburnt to hell? He looks a little pink on some of them!

    When are you moving down? (and where to?)

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