Airlie Beach

Quite a hedonistic tourist type atmosphere going on here, which gets boring after a while. So it’s probably just as well I’m going out to the Whitsunday Islands tomorrow! Today has been fairly chilled, due to there being not a lot to do in this town other than wait around for your boat and get drunk. I went on a bus voyage of discovery to the local just-out-of-town shopping centre, which I can only describe as having the atmosphere of Canon Park, but slightly warmer outside of the air conditioned shops.

Last night I finally bowed to the inevitable and phoned up Quantas to push back my flight out of Sydney by a week. Doing the East Coast in just four weeks is apparently very difficult so I’m hoping five will do me a bit better. I gave myself another couple of days in Bangkok too so I’ll now be arriving back in the UK nine days later than originally planned and fifty pounds poorer, due to the silly administative charge I had to pay to change things around. Grr.

Buying: BI-LO ingredients for fajitas tonight – the budget is starting to bite.
Loving: International texting!