Cairns is a small town up on the coast of Tropical Queensland. It’s a former mining town and now rather dependent on tourism for it’s income, which appears to be doing more for the town than the mining ever did!

The diving out on the reef here is good and there’s some moderately good scenery around Kuranda a short bus ride away up in the hills that we saw yesterday, but other than that I can’t see that Cairns has a lot to offer. So feeling slightly disappointed with the Mediterranean holiday resort-style nightlife and the half an hour trek into town from my modern but rather impersonal hostel (OK, so I could move further in but would I really want to?) I’m moving on to the lovely-sounding Mission Beach a couple of hours down the coast. The hostel and the Greyhound ticket are booked and I even have some ideas about what I’m going to do there.

Now to work out what else I’m going to see on the long trek back down to Sydney! I can’t be expected to plan more than a couple of days in advance, surely?

No more photos this time due to this PC being locked down so I can’t install Canon’s shitty 5MB of drivers that I need to get the pics of fthe camera 🙁

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  1. Cairns isn’t the best of places but there’s some amazing things to see and do further down the east coast. Whitsundays, Fraser Island, also Magnetic Island, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise etc.

    You’ll soon become a self-taught expert in overcoming the various lame security on internet cafe computers so you can install camera drivers!


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