Today is Coffee and Smoothies day here in the Sunshine coast’s glamour capital of Noosa Heads, or at least it is for me. Today is a chillout and admin day, which kicked off with breakfast in a friendly little cafe around the corner from the hostel where I stayed last night and will end with me wandering around the streets of “Brissie” taking lots of photos, if the plans work out OK.

After a few days in Brisbane I’m planning on spending the weekend in Melbourne before heading back to Sydney for my flight to Bangkok a week on Wednesday. This however does involve me booking some cheap-ish plane tickets before I get on my Greyhound in a couple of hours, so we’ll see what happens. Yesterday I was planning on getting the bus down all the way to Sydney, but I’m bored of buses now so it’s time to put Plan Melbourne into action instead. It’s all a bit last minute, which perhaps isn’t ideal but at least it makes it more of an adventure!