Settling back in

I ended the great journey as I began it, on a National Express coach. This time I was travelling back from Heathrow, but the driver was the same one who had taken me there six weeks ago. He remembered me from that early morning journey, and politely told me that he thought the Big Pink Gay Hat From Thailand – which I was carrying with me under one arm – looked silly. But I think it looks cool.

I’ve been back for four days now and the mixed feelings I had initially about being back are slowly giving way to a determination to find a job and somewhere to live as quickly as possible. So today I got up at 7am (which actually turned out to be 6am thanks to the sad demise of British Summer Time last night) and finished off my CV ready to send to somebody. Anybody, actually.

Apologies to anyone I haven’t seen or been in touch with since getting back, it’s all been a bit hectic.

4 thoughts on “Settling back in

  1. Hope you’re right on the job front – tomorrow I’m e-mailing agencies so we’ll see what comes of that… Will be in London for weekend birthday-ness anyway!

  2. When’s weekend birthdayness??

    Yes do come to London. It’s one of those bizzare vast places where you can still do such things as bump into people you know. I got on a tube carriage just as Mary and housemates were getting off (though I don’t think I was recognised) and have seen two people off my course in random places and bumped into one person at a gig and another person on a tube platform.

  3. Weekend birthdayness was Dan’s birthday that I failed to blog about afterwards despite it having been a really good night. Nor have I posted the photos that I took that night yet. I should try and do that at least.

    I bumped into Dan and Laurie at Victora train station last Thursday, completely randomly. London is truly the capital of randomness!

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