The Disturbingly Flatulent

In a rather unsuccessful attempt to buy a ticket for Skool Dayz tomorrow (perhaps it’s just fate?) I visited the Union web site this evening, to discover they’ve made a few changes to the portal.

One of the main changes is the introduction of guest registration so that you can log in and buy tickets for events even if you’re not a “current student”.

Perhaps as a result of some bizzare equal opportunities policy or perhaps more likely due to a slightly over-rigorous testing procedure, they’ve provided a wide variety of titles to choose from on the registration form. So if you’re not happy with Mr, Miss or Ms you’ll be glad to hear that you can choose from a range of other titles such as ‘Brigadier General’, ‘Emperor’, ‘General of the Felix Legions’, ‘Overlord’ and ‘The Disturbingly Flatulent’.

I would have screencapped it, but for some reason GNOME won’t capture drop down boxes on web pages properly – bah. But you can always take a look for yourself. Trust me – it’s worth it :-).

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