The waiting game

Today I have been mostly…

  • Attending a job interview with a well-known Internet retailer – results tomorrow apparently
  • Talking to recruitment consultants on the phone to arrange the next round of interviews
  • Continuing to grapple with Flikr – more on that later
  • Ironing a shirt for tomorrow’s interview
  • Making cheese, ham and tomato toasties – perhaps I could get a job in a cafe instead?
  • Checking news and blog sites at regular intervals throughout the afternoon – you people need to blog more! 🙂
  • Reviewing my CV and spotting annoying mistakes that I can’t correct from here

So still I have no job and still I’m struggling to find things to do all day while other people around me busy themselves all day with paid employment. Tomorrow I’m buying the Guardian and scouring the jobs pages in there and by end of Friday I should hopefully have some feedback on most of the positions I’ve applied for.

If all this doesn’t work, then Plan B may need to be put into effect. But for now, we wait.

3 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. Hang on a second – what have you been using to make toasties? Do we have a sandwhich toaster, that despite living in that house for over a year, I’ve failed to spot? Or was this one of Steve’s new gadgets?

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