Nizlopi for number one!

Of the Jo Whiley-championed JCB Song which enters the singles charts today, the Guardian says:

It’s like a battle between a lovely little ant and a giant ugly lizard, little indie labels versus evil major corporations, homemade creativity against mass commercialised bastards, because this year’s race for the top of the Christmas Top 40 boils down to a fight between two blokes from Leamington Spa with a life-affirming song about being five years old or the winner of X Factor singing a cover version of a song that was quite possibly written by the devil.

So, they’re a couple of blokes from Leamington, on a comparatively small label who’ve written what seems like a genuinely honest song. And they have a cool name.

Even if you don’t like the track itself, that’s still plenty of reasons why it just has to be number one for Christmas, especially given the competition.

This is going to be the first single I’ve bought in quite a while, and deservedly so.