Ready to go

The thing about blogging is that whenever some really big thing happens in your life, you get so caught up in dealing with that really big thing that you never get round to actually writing anything about it.

So we moved into the new flat (it’s shiny!) last Monday and since then things have been slowly coming together. The compulsory trip to IKEA was undertaken on Saturday (the car park experience being one which I hope I won’t have to repeat anytime soon), the new sofas arrived yesterday and today the most wonderful thing has happenned – our broadband has been turned on.

Broadband status page

Maybe I’ll get home and it won’t work at all, but for now I’m happy. And I’m certainly not staying late in the office today. I have things to play with!

Update: It works!

2 thoughts on “Ready to go

  1. Hello you, I still live firmly in the South East ( I [heart] this end of town) but still have no internet (hate it) so you’re progressing much faster than I. Though the no internet is despite best efforts.

    Now you are settled in our capital, want to meet up soon?

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