A Narrow Escape

Jeff Waugh on how Ubuntu got it’s name and avoided getting named after that funny station at the wrong end of the Picadilly Line.

Incidentally, Dapper rocks! It seems the team have really used the extra six week period at the end of the development cycle to really add a lot of polish to the OS. Whoever thought brown could be so preeety? 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Narrow Escape

  1. Hey, thanks for that :-). Turned out to be down to WordPress’s auto-created .htaccess file conflicting with my hack to make it support multiple blogs-per-install.

  2. Ubuntu is great and Dapper Drake makes it even better!

    I upgraded to Dapper and was pleasantly surprised to find that my system is much more responsive than with Breezy. Firefox seems especially snappier. I really like the new GNOME deskbar applet too.

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