Crossing the line

Last weekend I ran ten kilometres in fifty two minutes and six seconds. And learnt that drinking a pint of beer and nothing else isn’t a good way to stay re-hydrated throughout the rest of the day. It was the toughest run I’ve done to date – not in terms of the distance (I’d done an 8km route a few weeks ago) but the extra effort needed to do that last two kilometres was a real killer. But I did it.

Crossing the finishing line

(That’s me, second on the left, in the green. Honest.)

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me, and to the lovely people who came and sat in the pub with us afterwards on a beautiful clear October morning. If you haven’t done so already then you can still donate through my justgiving page and help me reach my target of rasing £250 for Fairbridge.

And thanks to the wonders of proprietary Microsoft/Adobe technology, you can see a video of me crossing the finishing line here and my split times here, although I suspect some of those data points are slightly made up, what with them only having had sensor mats every two kilometres. Simon has a better description of the ups and downs of running ten kilometres than I can manage as well as a photo of us in our gear before the run.

Next week I start the training again. Autumn is a great time for running if only you can get around the whole getting-dark-at-seven thing.