Mud, mud glorious mud

Glastonbury flew by. I have to go to work tomorrow but my mind is still stuck there in that rain-soaked field. I can’t describe what happened there in words – it was just magic.

Specific Things That Were Good included:

  • The rain – I’ve not seen that much water drop out of the sky in a very long time. It really started teeming down as The Who played last night, but I don’t think anybody really cared
  • The wonderful Dame Shirley Bassey – proving that she very much still has what it takes.
  • Making a flag! And making sure that Ricky from the Kaisers noticed it when he came down to meet-and-greet the crowd. That’s mine in the middle of the shot!
  • The food – we’re not talking gourmet by any stretch, but all things considered I’ve not eaten badly at all over the last five days.
  • Cider, beer, vodka and coke and G&Ts. Not that pear cider though – I’m staying away from that one in future.
  • The people. And their unrelenting determination to keep on going despite everything.

I am officially no longer a music festival virgin. Go me.