Tag cloud dashlet for Alfresco Share

This small extension to Share provides a new site dashlet to display the most popular tags within the site as a tag cloud.

The dashlet uses the existing tagging REST API, so no additional repository tier scripts are required. The zipped files can be extracted into your tomcat/shared/classes directory to add the Share support. You should find that the directory structure will be automatically created, although you will need to move the site-tags.css file to the components/dashlets directory in the webapp.
It should be trivial to write a second dashlet to surface a global tag cloud, suitable for display in a user dashboard, using the list all tags method, rather than the tagscope-based approach used by this script.
UPDATE: The latest version of the code can now be found on the site tags dashlet page.

6 thoughts on “Tag cloud dashlet for Alfresco Share

  1. I tried this on a share (version Alfresco Enterprise edition 3.1 SP1) but this file site-tags.get.head.ftl gives a problem:
    There is no such file…

  2. The latest version of the code has now been back-ported to Alfresco 3.1. Check out the site tags dashlet page above for downloads.

  3. Yes, the normal downloads will work in 3.2r with the exception of the tag links when a specific tag scope (e.g. Document Library or Wiki) is selected from the drop-down, which require a more recent build.

  4. Is there a way that i could implement tag in alfresco 3.2r and how?I’ve been using alfresco and it works perfect now the problem is that i want to implement tag cloud and i don’t know how will i do it. thanks in advance…

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