Share Import-Export 1.1 released

The v1.1.1 release of Share Import-Export has been up for a few days now, but I wanted to summarise some of the changes in the new version.
The most significant addition is support for importing and exporting security groups in JSON format, via the new and scripts.
As well as this the script has been made slightly more flexible, with the addition of a --users argument to allow you to import just a few users from a larger set. Since the sample data contains a large number of users that are used across all the different sample sites, you can now import just the users you need for a particular site.
As well as these functional improvements I’ve started cleaning up the code internally, an area I intend to focus a little more on over the next few weeks. For now I’ve just cleaned up the docstrings within each script, and updating the --help flags to re-use the usage information in there.
Last but not least, I should thank Dick from Formktek for reporting an issue with the user export script, which was causing some exported profile images to become corrupted when saved.
Beyond a few more tidy-ups the code is almost where I want it to be within the current constraints of the repository. But there have been a couple of ideas suggested for future uses of the scripts, so if there’s a particular purpose you think the scripts could have or you just want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Share Import-Export 1.1 released

  1. Dear Will,
    The tool is fantastic. I simply exported a site with content, without problems. When I want to import to an other machine the will imported, but the contents (acp files) not.
    Where can I find the problem?
    Thanks for your reply!

  2. Hi Tamas, thanks for the feedback. I’ve just released a new version of the tool (v1.2.1) with some fixes for both importing and exporting site content, plus support for Alfresco 4.0, so I’d recommend you give that a try and see if that works better. Also don’t forget that when you export the site you need to specify the –export-content option to generate the ACPs.

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