Media Viewers and Quick Share

Peter helpfully put together a summary of a couple of the many different content viewers that are now provided by the Media Viewers project. His blog post is well worth checking out if you’re not familiar with the Embed and PdfJs viewers, or if you have content types that you have problems previewing in Share today.
He also pointed out something that may be obvious to some of you, but it had not occurred to me! When you add a new plugin to Alfresco’s web preview component – as this add-on does – then that is also available on the Quick Share page.

If you’re not familiar with Quick Share it is a great new feature originally in Cloud and now in Community 4.2, providing public sharing of documents via a short URL, which can be easily used by clicking the Share action directly above the document preview.
The result is pretty powerful, since using an iFrame you can easily add those embedded documents to an intranet page or public web page – or just link to the items direct as Peter has done in his post. In fact Sergio Buitrago and I worked on this implementing this very thing as a WordPress plugin at the Berlin DevCon Hackathon last month!

Latest Changes in PdfJs Viewer

It’s worth mentioning that you can try out the features Peter mentions by grabbing the project’s latest source from trunk. In particular, here are two new features that are hot off the press in the PdfJs viewer:

  • Perform a search in Share and click through to a PDF file or office document. You should see that the search function is automatically invoked for the term you searched for in the previous page, and highlights the first match.
  • If you are using the latest available Firefox or Chrome browsers, you can enter full-screen mode by pressing Ctrl+F on the keyboard. Now you can deliver PowerPoint presentations directly from Share itself!

We are still in the process of finalising the 2.1 release of the Media Viewers add-on, so if you have feedback please file an issue on the Share Extras project site.