New blog

This entry marks the start of a new era for me, as I finally abandon the half-written custom CMS that I’ve been using to manage my blog and my photo albums for the last three years. I really don’t feel it’s worth the time and effort maintaining the mass of code that’s there when there’s far better tools available that someone else has written.

I’ve been meaning to move over to Movable Type for my blog for a while, but only just got round to setting it up on MT. This is the first entry of the new blog that hasn’t been copied and pasted from the old system, and as such is a bit of a landmark entry for me.

As for the photos, I’ve been playing with gThumb on my computer for creating albums that I can upload straight onto the web. I put a few test albums up on my user area on our project server a little while ago and that proved *so* much easier than fiddling about uploading photos to the current system on wabson.

I’m hoping I can spend more time actually putting some semi-decent content up here now I’m using some proper tools to do the job.