I’m feeling slightly queasy this morning. I didn’t realise my milk was quite that rancid until I’d taken a gulp of the coffee which I’d just added it to. It was fine yesterday, I guess one of the pigs I live with must have left the fridge door ajar. Gah.

We went out in Leam last night to celebrate Cath, Gemma, Nicola, James and Tony leaving the country today :-), and spent most of the night sat in a really nice, but expensive new bar just behind House of Fraser. I really liked it, which I guess fits in quite well with Dave’s latest theory that I spend too much on things generally.

I got back at about half eleven and went (more or less) straight to bed, with the intention of reading another chapter of The Prisoner of Azkaban before I went to sleep. I don’t remember actually reading much of it, but I did wake up at 7.45 this morning with the lights still on and the music on my computer blaring away. I’ve really gotta stop falling asleep like that.