Working five days a week and travelling across the country at the weekend (Danny’s party rocked!) can mean you don’t get time to do much else.

I’m hoping that if I blog the list of things I need to do, then I might actually get round to doing them, so here goes:

  1. Do some washing! I’ve now run out of clean decent T-shirts to wear, and this morning had to make a start on the collection of Dave and Giles’s clothing I seem to have amassed in my room.
  2. Get a (proper) job! Kind of self explanatory really…
  3. Sort my finances out. I’ll leave this one til last as it’s so mind numbingly boring.
  4. Go shopping and buy some more jeans, as I’ve started to hate most of the pairs I own (again). Might also help with putting (1) off further.
  5. Tidy up my room. (1) will help a lot, as most of the mess is dirty clothes.
  6. Organise weekend trips to (a) Wales and (b) wherever we’re going for my Birthday. Perhaps Laurie might do the latter one? 🙂