Ice skating and WGA

Had an excellent weekend. I saw lots of cool people that I hadn’t seen for a while. We went Ice skating on the open-air rink at Warwick Castle, did some general wandering around the place, then went out into Warwick for food. After that we headed back to campus for the WGA ball in the Union. I saw even more people that I hadn’t even expected to see – a nice surprise.


There’s photos here, although I should point out that I didn’t take half of the photos in the Union, or at least I don’t remember doing so. I also have some videos of the ice skating here, here and here, which James and Dave shot on my camera.

1 thought on “Ice skating and WGA

  1. Hello!

    I think I may have taken a lot of those photos. There are quite a lot of Paul?!

    There was a Christmas tree in the Union?!

    These photos are useful for me in trying to remember the night…

    Cath xxx

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