Virgin Trains

Apparently I can’t book a train ticket to go home on the twentieth yet, because Virgin Trains don’t yet know which trains are going to be running on that day. This was after I spent about five minutes telling a computer my journey requirements (pretty impressive voice recognition, but you feel damn stupid doing it!), confirming the details with an operator, and waiting on hold for another five minutes while the operator checked why there were no trains coming up for that day. Gah!

Anyway, for the first time in a while I’m actually looking forward to going home this Christmas. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing a few people I haven’t seen in a while, and now my mother’s put me down on the insurance for her car I can actually go places without needing to be driven around! It’s also been nearly a year since I left this place for longer than a couple of days, and I think a change of scene will do me a lot of good.

That is of course, if I ever manage to get a train ticket 🙂