Still Evil

So Apple are in the news again this week, this time for further crippling the Rendezvous technology built into iTunes that allows people to stream music each other across a local network. The Register have a big long rant about this and how moves such as this are reducing the freedoms we enjoy when listening to music. Go them!

So all in all, Apple are still evil. I guess much in the same way that Starbucks are evil, but we ignore it because they make nice things that we all like to consume. Where Starbucks exploit third world plantation workers, Apple use artificial technological barriers to restrict the civil liberties of rich Westerners like us. And a handful of fat-cat American executives get rich in both cases.

One thought on “Still Evil

  1. Apple have always been evil. Their impressive ability to take great ideas and transmute them into overpriced, offensive products is only surpassed by their skill in actually marketing them successfully to morons.

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