Synchronousnous and Spring

(Yes, it’s a word!)

It seems the joys of Spring are not just confined to London. Today is a beautiful day on campus, with warm weather (sixteen degrees, apparently), blue skies and the smell of freshly cut grass drifting through the air.

Forty five minutes ago I was sitting on the piazza in the sun eating ice cream. Now I’m back in the office, where we have the windows open (albeit 20 feet above me) and a cool breeze is drifting across me as I type.

Today will be one of those days where I make sure I get out of the office early. Here’s hoping there’ll be lots more days like this between now and September.

9 thoughts on “Synchronousnous and Spring

  1. 1. reckons the noun form is ‘synchronousnous’. But it does sound silly, I admit.

    2. I copied her! 😉

  2. Laurie’s right: it’s “synchronicity”, and it’s one of my absolute favouritest words of all time (and the title of two songs by The Police).

  3. OK I accept defeat! But the title stays as it is because I like the word “synchronousnous” more. Even if it is made up 🙂

    Incidentally, has it always been fashionable for rock band names to start with the word “the” or is it something that’s come into fashion again recently?

  4. It’s time for some rawk history: as soon ago as, er, very recently, it actually wasn’t cool for bands to have “the” in the title (hence, for instance, “The Verve” becoming “Verve”, and every single 90s-era Britpop band being called a word of not more than four letters.)

    And yes, every band in the world now is apparently “The” something (my own personal favourite being “The Music”, who should really be called “The Crap”). Never mind. I confidently predict that, in about a year and a half, we’ll all go back to bands’ names being initials…


  5. I’m with Will “Synchronousnous” is a much better sounding word 😉

    Matt – are you sure ‘The Verve’ became ‘Verve’? If so why did they do it? I have a feeling that copyright is involved here somewhere – was there a band called something similar? Or am I just, as I suspect, making this up as I go along?

    Oh and the recent craze for bands calling themselves “The…” was kicked off again by “The Strokes” a couple of years ago

    Laurie – links will be changed, will do better next time (now that you’ve told me how to do it :p)

    Glad to see there is quite so much working going on this afternoon 😉


  6. I thought that “The Verve” became “Verve” because some members left and, er, nobody was buying their albums. But that may well be evil music press hearsay.

    (Hear’Say: now, /that/ was a good band.)


    PS And yay the amount of work we’re combinedly doing this afternoon! It could only increase if we all went to make tea at the same time.

  7. If only work could be like exam revision and you get to take it outside and sit on the grass when the weather starts getting nice again. I’m sure we’d get lots of work done that way… 🙂

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