Reasons to like Kerrang

If you’re not already listening to it, then here’s a few resons why you might want to listen to this great radio station.

1. They have a chart called The Illegal Downloads Chart. How have they not got their asses sued off?!
2. Their jingles take the piss out of chavs.
3. They play great music!

So I’m listening to them now, before I begin to indluge myself in pizza, beer, crap music and the rest of the shit that Monday nights when you don’t have time to cook before heading back onto campus entail. Last Top B of term? How did that happen?!

The Cooper Temple Clause

The Cooper Temple Clause are doing a few dates at a few Unis around the country, kicking off with Warwick this Tuesday. Curiously, the other venues are Leeds and Bangor, the other two Universities that people in my circle of friends from sixth form went to.

Anyway, I’m going to the Warwick gig along with Dave and a few of his mates. Tickets are £10 and anyone else who’s vaguely interested in seeing random indie bands should definitely be coming along :-).

Mary in a hat

I like this picture. It’s Mary in a hat, but taken nearly a year ago, pre-dating the famous hat party by a great deal. Could this be the earliest recorded evidence of her hat-wearing tendencies?


It’s also a reminder that the time for Christmas shopping is coming round again. Gah! Credit card!

University policy on cannabis

Two Warwick-related entries in a row? Surely not!

Via Insite, comes an announcement that the University is to review it’s policy on cannabis posession in halls. Reading it through, it seems like a direct response to the Union’s motion (couldn’t find a HTML version) to oppose the current policy, which was passed a few weeks ago.

If this goes through and results in changes to the current rather draconian policy, this will surely be a big win for the Union.

And the Sabbs, they do strip…

I’m not even going to attempt to describe the events of tonight in the Marketplace, but I feel somehow compelled to tell the tale nonetheless. I think I’ll leave it to the inhabitants of Warwick Blogs to tell it, starting with Holly Cruise.

Let’s just hope all those camera phone photos come out as blurry as they usually do, eh? 🙂

Router issues

Our router is being silly. It’s a little Netgear DG834G, with a firewall, wireless AP and DSL modem inside a tiny box. It’s very cute, but also rubbish.

When I get an IP address off it to connect to the internal network, it also tells me to use the router as the DNS server, to resolve host names into IP addresses. This doesn’t appear to work very well, as it takes about 5 seconds to resolve domain names each time you click on a link in a web page. This means the web browser has to sit there for five seconds before it can even attempt to start downloading the web page. This gets a bit annoying after a while, to say the least.

So now I’ve told my computer to ignore what the router tells it and to use Pipex’s DNS servers instead, and it’s all fine again. The router clearly has to pass DNS queries that it receives through to them anyway, so what’s the point in it taking the request in the first place? It just slows things down. Silly silly router, silly silly Netgear.

Currently listening to: What You Waiting For? by Gwen Stefani on Kerrang. I love this song!
Chances of them playing it at Top B tonight: Minimal 🙁

End of the week entry

Another week at work gone by, and another weekend passed too. Today my productivity has extended to reading another few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix, discovering the best indie radio station ever (apart from possibly XFM), and dragging myself for another run down towards Warwick and back (which I’m hoping made up for all of the calories consumed in Carly’s lovely Sunday dinner). All in all, aot bad a bad set of acheivements for a Sunday, I think.

Leam Running Screenshot.png

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Back from another trip down to London, this time to celebrate Mr Govan‘s Birthday with some lovely Tapas at a nice restaurant in Soho, and of course a few drinks.

It was a good weekend, I think I needed to get away from this place for a bit. Even the train journey back was alright, and only took two hours – pretty good in the aftermath of the horrible accident near Reading yesterday evening (which we’d passed through an hour or so before it happened).

Right now I’m sat at my computer listening to Jamie Cullum and Saint Etienne from my favorite songs playlist that Rhythmbox has automatically compiled for me. It even lowered the rating of Barbie Girl (no idea how that one got in there…) when I skipped that straight away, causing it to quite rightly drop off the list. I think an early night might be beckoning.

Car wash, yeah

I keep hearing that song everywhere I go. The original is far better.

Today I passed my driving test, finally! Woot! I got four minor faults but that’s no big deal. I intend to celebrate by drinking, socialising and setting off explosives. I love Bonfire Night :-).