New House

We still need to sign contracts to make it official, but I have a house! Or at least, a room in a shared house. So for the next nine months, I’ll be living in Leam again. This time I’m just around the corner from Bar 44, and as I said to Marty last night, way to close to the Cargo Home Shop for my liking. This could be a problem, as the room is nice and will therefore need lots of nice things to be put in it.

Media whore

Monday night: spent a while going up and down the biggest Top B queue I’ve ever seen in my life (it stretched from the cash points up round the piazza, past CostCutters and Lazerlizard, almost to Health Centre Road at one point), handing out RaW beer mats. I helped carry some of the equipment they’d had down on the Piazza up to the studio afterwards and got into the event slightly earlier than I might otherwise have done *cough*.

Tuesday: The new Boar site, which I’ve been helping out with went live. The content management system I’ve been working on for the Boar still isn’t finished yet, but when it is (currently I have no computer, so development work has ceased for a bit) it will be capable of generating the same content.

Other than that, I’ve been real busy at work and generally pretty exhaused. It’s been good dealing with loads of people and helping out with their problems, but I’ll still be pretty glad when it starts to quieten down a bit. I’ve got the weekend off this week (unlike last week, when I was helping out over the coming up weekend), so I’m hoping to be able to relax a bit then.

Right now, I’m trying to remove some of the comment spam that’s appeared on my blog *again*. I need to figure out how to stop the spam bots picking up on the fact that I run a Movable Type blog. I suspect that removing the <meta name=”generator”> tag and the “Powered by Movable Type” text might do it, but I’m not sure. Anyone got any ideas?

Update: I found some really useful-looking info (warning: don’t access this in IE, unless you like spyware) from the Learning Movable Type blog. This sounds a bit more complicated…

Chicken Kievs and Chips

I’ve never heard anyone refer to a day as ‘crisp’, but I thought one of my colleagues summed up today pretty well using that word. I’ve went to Somerfield earlier to fetch some dinner for myself, wearing a shirt, a jumper *and* a coat. People are wandering around wearing scarves.

Baby B was good tonight. Apart from the feeling that we were going to die on the way there. The taxi driver was slightly mad…

Working tomorrow 10-4. Yay freshers! 🙂

A very English affair

Up at 8.15 this morning, due to having gone to bed at 7pm last night. I’m so lame, but at least I woke up not feeling tired! It’s been so long since that last happened.

Gorgeous morning, but not so nice any more. Our picnic in London got rained off, so we had to sit there with coats and umbrellas. How very British, eh?


Lack of Internet access stopped me from making seven continuous days worth of blog entries, as I had hoped to. Curse BT!

There seem to be quite a few people at the moment who don’t have a proper home to go to, or at least one where they feel happy. In my case, I’m crashing down at Dave’s for a bit until I can find somewhere else. It’s alright for now, but every day is a reminder that I don’t actually have anywhere that I can think of as home.

I don’t go back to Wales much any more, so I no longer have much of an emotional connection with the place. Conversely I tend to build up quite a big connection with the places I do spend time in, which leaves quite a feeling of emptyness when I have to leave those places. This sucks.

I’m lucky that I have friends who will help me out in such situations, but I can’t keep relying on that. I need to start doing something about the crappy situation I’ve allowed myself to get into and sort my life out. Or at least, my accommodation :-).

The End

Well not for me, but it was for a few people last night.

I went to my first Baby B of the Summer, and probably my last. The music was good, which surprised me. I danced lots and drenched myself in sweat. That’s a sign of a good night out.

The Last Day

Last full day on campus today, and back to work again. I think I could get used to having Thursdays off, it makes Fridays so much more bearable 🙂

As it happens, I was fairly busy all day. I took a few Piazza calls, before Chris took me over to University House to make a start on setting up the new PCs that have just been put into the Learning Grid. Nice place. I had a meeting about the Boar CMS that I’m still involved in over lunch. That inspired me to do some more stuff on that, so I’ve been staring at code for the last half an hour now. I’ll have to stop sometime.

Going Underground

Going Underground by The Jam is such a great song, and one that I’ve been hearing quite a bit recently. Having been rather ambilvalent towards classic rock bands like The Jam and The Clash in the past, I think I’ve found a new area of music for me to explore.

Cath helped me move most of my stuff into Dave’s today. I’m not sure if I should be feeling sad about leaving campus, but if anything I’m feeling quite good about it. I guess that as I already did the whole leaving thing at the end of last term, this doesn’t seem anything like as much of an upheaval. And in all honesty, I’m pretty glad that I’m leaving Cryfield. I’ve been feeling really claustrophobic here recently and it’s been getting me down a bit.

Now, I have the rest of the day off work, and it’s lovely and hot and sunny outside. I was going to do some work on my computer (one of the few things left in my room) but I think I’ll just go bum around outside instead.


Yesterday morning just smelled like September. Yet another reminded that the start of term is just around the corner…

After a short interruption to service, should all be working again now, now that the hosting has been fully transferred back over to Easily. Everything’s back up there apart from all the old PHP code, which I’m not maintaining any more anyway. I might put that up there sometime when I get a chance, but at the moment I’m just glad the blogs are working again.