Devizes to Wesminster Results 2012

So, the Devizes to Westminster race results from this Easter weekend are up on the official site, and using ScraperWiki I’ve done some crude analysis.

Comparing with previous years, there seems little change from last year – the average time was just two minutes and five seconds slower. That compares with over two hours’ difference from 2010, when the flow was much stronger.

The one difference that was clear from 2011 was that the larger tide this year had a greater affect on crews’ tideway speeds, as the steeper line for the last checkpoint speed shows. This may have been offset by lower flows on the lower section of the Thames, however.

Comparing the Richmond crews’ times, it’s clear that although all crews seem to go harder off the start than they will throughout the rest of the course, some go harder than others! On the right of the graph you can also see the effect of an injury, missing the top of high water at Teddington and missing the tide completely for the three slowest boats.

Overall the graph shows there were some great performances for Richmond, but the three retirements after Newbury meant we were unfortunately left with a few less boats crossing the finish line than we’d hoped. Well, there’s always next year.

If you’re interested in more then the full data that I used to generate the graphs can be found in this Google Spreadsheet, and you can grab a report for other boats using the ScraperWiki view.